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Meet The Chef
Meet The Chef

An Eye for Detail and Sustainability


Chef Inoue grew up watching his grandfather run a high-end wagyu retailer and his father a steakhouse. And after working in some of Europe's finest restaurant kitchens, he developed a modern cooking style that holds strong to his family values. For chef Inoue, eating is about more than pleasing the eyes and palate; it should also be good for you and good for nature. He follows the local tradition of zero-waste cooking and finds inspiration for his evolving menu from the "together, strive for better" attitude that has held true in Kyoto for centuries.



Importantly, the emphasis on sustainability sacrifices nothing in taste or presentation. The visual impact of a meal at Chef's Table is off the charts from the moment you step in the room. A lush garden prepared in collaboration with RitzCarlton gardener Kohki Suzuki is the table on which guests are served. Touchably soft mounds of living moss, textured wood pieces, and artfully arranged rocks and leaves in seasonal colors create a botanical paradise of tranquil beauty like something from the Japan branch of the Seely Court. The aromas of wood smoke and the subtle crackling of the grill round out the sensory experience.